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Don't get trapped by marine layer!

Dont worry! Didnt, but it COULD happen at Shelter Cove on the Lost Coast. 0Q5 is the identifier, I don't need to say anything other than N89YB was a champ today cruising the coastline over a glassy ocean, and Shelter Cove held that fog layer miles offshore. Truly glorious, another Club was having a "fly-in" with planes from Napa, Oakland, Hayward, and more dropping in. Great opportunity to rate fellow pilots (one Mooney had to guessed it, too fast!) and check out the sea lions on the rocks off shore. What a day to test out our new GNC355 Garmin Navigator with dual G5s serving as PFD and HSI. It makes this Cherokee 180 a great VFR cross country cruiser. We have a couple of post-installation hiccups, but it really ups our game. See the attached pics.

Parked off of the taxiway just steps from the beach

And here is a quick shot of that beach, steps from Shelter Cove airport....tough life, huh?

and here is most of our gang getting together for some hangar talk in Marin County, California

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